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Start a brand new year!

Detox your body and start the year clean - in excellent health and full of energy! ✨🌞⚡️

Our special DETOX infusion therapy with Glutathione is at a promotional price of BGN 130 in January. 🤩

Glutathione is a natural product and is the most powerful antioxidant in the human body. It neutralizes free radicals, which are produced by consuming excessively fatty food, abuse of alcohol and tobacco products, stress, dirty environment. 🔥

When administered intravenously, Glutathione is 100% absorbed by the body and has a number of positive effects:

✔️ stimulates the immune system

✔️ improves the work of the liver and the digestive system

✔️ increases memory and concentration

✔️ gives an instant surge of energy

✔️ the skin becomes fresh and radiant - pigment spots and small wrinkles are reduced

The price also includes:

✅thorough examination by a doctor

✅examination of a complete blood count before starting the therapy

✅ preparing an individual booster cocktail

✅ free parking


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