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Immunity infusion therapy - PROMO price in OCTOBER

Charge your body with vitamins and microelements!🍋🍎🥦🥛

Be prepared for the challenges facing your health! Flu season is approaching and, perhaps, another wave of Covid 19. 🤐

Strengthen your immunity with an infusion booster cocktail and welcome autumn with a smile! 🍹

➡ Instant rush of energy

➡ Enhanced immunity

➡ Desire for life to the max

The rich infusion cocktails support the work of the protective mechanisms of the human organism, cellular and humoral immunity by stimulating the synthesis of T-cells and antibodies. 🧪🩺

The price also includes:

✅thorough examination by a doctor

✅examination of a complete blood count before starting the therapy

✅ preparing an individual booster cocktail

✅ free parking

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