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Consultation with esthetic medicine specialist           FREE


JUVEDERM VOLIFT                               1 ml                        550 BGN 
JUVEDERM VOLIFT RETOUCH             0.55 ml                   350 BGN
JUVEDERM VOLBELLA                         1 ml                        500 BGN
M VOLUMA                            1 ml                        550 BGN
JUVEDERM ULTRA SMILE                    0.55 ml                  330 BGN
JUVEDERM VOLUX                                1 ml                       600 BGN

TEOSYAL RHA KISS                              0.7 ml                     350 BGN
TEOSYAL RHA 1                                    1 ml                        380 BGN
TEOSYAL RHA 2                                    1 ml                        400 BGN
TEOSYAL RHA 3                                    1 ml                        490 BGN
TEOSYAL RHA 4                                    1 ml                        540 BGN

TEOSYAL ULTRA DEEP                         1.2 ml                     550 BGN

HYAFILIA S plus                                    1 ml                       300 BGN
HYAFILIA M plus               
                   1 ml                        300 BGN
HYAFILIA V plus                                    1 ml                        300 BGN


BELOTERO BALANCE                           1 ml                        430 BGN


RADIESSE                                             1.5 ml                     750 BGN 

HARMONYCA                                         1.25 ml                  800 BGN

PROFHILO                                              2 ml                        480 BGN

SCULPTRA                                            8 ml                        900 BGN 

Package of 3 procedures                                                3x850 BGN       


JUVEDERM VOLITE                               1 ml                        500 BGN

TEOSYAL Pure Sense Redensity 1      1 ml                        240 BGN

CELLTERMI Pure                                   5 ml                        200 BGN    

Package of 4 procedures                                                     720 BGN

TREAD LIFTINDG LFL 4 D                    per one                   100 BGN
TREAD LIFTING LFL ANCHOR             per one                   150 BGN

BOTOX                                                  1E                              10 BGN      


PB SERUM Low                                                                      560 BGN
PB SERUM Medium                                                               580 BGN
PB SERUM High                                                                     600 BGN

PB SERUM - 10% discount for second procedure

CELLTERMI Lipo                                   5 ml                          200 BGN
Package of 4 procedures                                                      720 BGN


CELLTERMI Alo                                     5 ml                        200 BGN
Package of 4 procedures                                                    720 BGN


HYALURONIDASE                                3 ml                         300 BGN



The price includes a free doctor's examination before the therapy!


One procedure (single infusion)                               150-200 BGN

Package of 6 procedures - 10% discount              


IV therapy NAD+ (single infusion)                                    350 BGN

Package of 4 procedures NAD+ - 10% discount            1260 BGN

Infusion therapy in patient's home                               

(Varna region only)                                             + 50% of the price


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Detox Therapy

It helps rid the body of accumulated toxins and free radicals, improving the function of the gastrointestinal tract, the excretory system, the cardiovascular system, and the central and peripheral nervous system.

Immunity Therapy

Charges the body with vitamins and microelements, stimulates the synthesis of T-cells and antibodies, supporting the work of the protective mechanisms of the human body and strengthening cellular and humoral immunity.

Liver Protection Therapy

Prevents the retention of bile juice, supports the work of the liver and its recovery after illness, alcohol, medication or nutritional stress.


Healthy Skin Therapy

It helps to cleanse the skin, regulates sebum secretion, soothes irritations and accelerates skin recovery, brightens the complexion. Suitable therapy for acne, eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, hyperpigmentation on the skin.


Beauty Therapy

It balances the metabolism, cleanses toxins and supplies the body with trace elements necessary for its proper functioning. The hair regains its shine, the nails are strengthened and the skin simply glows.

Rejuvenation Therapy

It hydrates the body and the skin from the inside, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, helping to smooth out fine wrinkles and restore the elasticity of the skin. Improves hormonal balance

Slimming Therapy

The therapy activates metabolic processes in the body, helps break down fat deposits and release excess fluids.


Conception Therapy

It enriches the cells with vitamins, phospholipids and trace elements necessary for their proper reproduction, restores the hormonal balance in the body.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Extremely suitable for patients after a severe period of Covid 19 and other viral diseases, cancer patients and elderly patients. Gives energy and strength, restores vitality.

Energy therapy

Gives an instant boost of energy, eliminates fatigue, improves concentration and mood and restores self-confidence.


Hair Loss Therapy 

Charges the body with vitamins, minerals, phospholipids and trace elements that strengthen hair follicles. Stops hair loss and stimulates hair growth.


Migraine Therapy

Calms the nervous system, improves sleep quality, relaxes muscles, reduces the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks and headaches.


Peripheral Nerve Therapy

Rich in vitamins of group B and amino acids, favoring the strengthening and recovery of damaged peripheral nerves in polyneuropathy, paresis, post-stroke conditions.


Anemia Therapy

Delivers much-needed iron and vitamins directly into your bloodstream to keep you healthy and fit. It is suitable for patients with iron-deficiency anemia and after heavy blood loss.


Depression Therapy

It successfully combats depression and anxiety. Calms tense nerves, improves sleep, has a positive effect on self-esteem and mood.


Hangover Therapy

Eliminates the remains of alcohol in the body, restores the electrolyte balance in the body and quickly relieves unpleasant symptoms such as headache and fatigue. Gives an instant feeling of vitality and strength for the whole day.


Therapy "Just for me"

An individually developed program of therapies, after laboratory tests and a doctor's examination, fully tailored to personal characteristics and the desired results.

NEW! IV Therapy NAD+

NAD+ is the the secret to youth. It slows down the aging process, beats fatigue and gives energy, improves mental activity and brain function, strengthens metabolism and supports weight loss, fights inflammaton, reduces stress and has an antioxidant effect.

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