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20% DISCOUNT of metabolism increasing INFUSION THERAPY in NOVEMBER

Fighting extra weight is not easy. 😕

We can help you! 🥰

And at a promotional price:

During NOVEMBER we give you a 20% discount on Infusion/booster therapy, increasing metabolism and supporting weight reduction.🤩

Undoubtedly, diet and sports are the two main factors in achieving the perfect body. But a little help from the inside never goes amiss. 🧘‍♀️

Infusion cocktails are infused intravenously, directly into the bloodstream, and very quickly affect metabolic processes. Their special ingredients boost metabolism, helping to naturally eliminate unnecessary water and accumulated toxins, while giving a surge of energy and zest for life. 🍹

The price also includes:

✅thorough examination by a doctor

✅examination of a complete blood count before starting the therapy

✅ preparing an individual booster cocktail

✅ free parking

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