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The Hollywood secret for youthful look and beauty!

Infusion therapy, also known as booster therapy, is one of the best ways for prevention, treatment and recovery after illness. The rich cocktails of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants are directly 100% absorbed by the body without burdening it. This is also one of the biggest advantages of infusion therapy over oral intake of vitamins - the liver is not burdened, useful substances are not lost. First, the blood plasma is saturated with them, and then by means of the blood flow they reach all tissues and organs. Entering the cell, they are involved in the metabolism and improve it.



What is the infusion therapy?

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The human body consists mainly of water, and the slightest reduction can have a negative effect on health and appearance. Infusion cocktails contribute to deep hydration of the body, which stimulates the production of new, energy-filled cells.




​You will feel the energy boost instantly!


Infusion cocktails quickly rid the body of accumulated toxins and free radicals, which improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract, excretory system, cardiovascular and central and peripheral nervous systems.

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The rich infusion cocktails stimulate the work of the protective mechanisms of the human organism, i. e. cellular and humoral immunity by stimulating the synthesis of T-cells and antibodies.

Before the regular flu season and before summer viral gastroenterocolitis, it is extremely appropriate to load our body with vitamins and trace elements. Thus, we will be better prepared for the challenges of the weather and healthier during the year. The therapy is very suitable for prevention and recovery after passing Covid-19.


It doesn't matter if you are exercising hard or you just want more strength and energy to enjoy life, the infusion cocktail will give it to you the same day. The effect of the infusion is long-lasting and successfully combats chronic fatigue and stress.

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In addition to giving you energy, infusion therapy can help you feel more relaxed. Some of the electrolytes in the cocktails promote better sleep and muscle relaxation, prevent migraines and headaches.


Dehydration and the lack of certain amino acids, vitamins and minerals is one of the most common problems leading to premature aging, a rotten and tired look. The loss of fluid from the cells contributes to a decrease in skin turgor, pigmentation and the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, cocktails containing vitamin C and Glutathione have a whitening effect

Booster therapy contributes to a fresher and more radiant appearance of the skin, healthy hair and nails.

The therapy is extremely suitable before important events, during prolonged exposure to the sun, and also during parallel collagen-stimulating therapy

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Infusion therapy is no longer limited to patients with special needs. In today's fast-paced world, many people who care about their health and appearance take advantage of booster therapy to get fluids, vitamins and minerals as quickly as possible to increase tone and performance.

You will feel a rush of energy, desire for life and new experiences!



How does the procedure go?

 After an examination by a highly qualified doctor, you will be prescribed a suitable cocktail, and if necessary, an infusion treatment scheme will be prepared. During the infusion you will have the opportunity to rest and relax in a pleasant environment.

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Infusion therapy is suitable for people with:

     • chronic fatigue

     • viral infections

     • alcohol intoxication

     • food poisoning

     •  hangover

     • gastroenterocolitis

     • gallstone disease

     • biliary stasis

     • kidney stone disease

     • renal colic

     • chronic pancreatitis

     • chronic constipation

     • vascular-vegetative disorders

     • after a stroke

     • with hypotension (low blood pressure)

     • anxiety and insomnia

Be the best version of yourself!



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