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Get in shape! At PROMO price in APRIL! 🤩

Summer is coming, you are training hard, but the results are not coming quickly... 😐

We can help you!❤️

In APRIL, the I.V. booster therapy for increasing the metabolism and supporting weight reduction is at a PROMO price - BGN 130.🤩

Make your workouts MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE with a little help from within. I.V. cocktails are infused intravenously, directly into the bloodstream, and very quickly affect metabolic processes. Their special ingredients boost metabolism, helping to naturally eliminate unnecessary water and accumulated toxins, while giving a surge of energy and zest for life. 🍹

Don't like to do sports?

We have a solution for you too. Get rid of excess fat without sports and diet! 💗

In APRIL, fat tissue reduction procedures with CELLTERMI LIPO are at a PROMO price - BGN 450 for a package of three procedures.🤩

CELLTERMI LIPO contains ingredients that disrupt the membrane of fat cells and stimulate their breakdown, while at the same time increasing diuresis, supporting the disposal of excess fat in a natural way. ❤️‍🔥

The product can be used to treat all problem areas on the body. CELLTERMI LIPO also gives positive results in the treatment of cellulite, helping to break it down and smooth the skin.💃


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